I am a music curator. In an ideal world these wouldn’t be lists of playlists at all, but I would certainly invest in a online radio station completely under my control, but as getting the rights to play such varied music, or any copyrighted music, is way beyond my means, I can at least share playlists.

It is my intention to share a new playlist every day. You will find here mostly jazz, classical, indie, 50s and 60s music, some experimental, and others. Unfortunately there will be many songs I wish I could share that are not available on Apple Music, Qobuz, or Spotify. Additionally if a song is not available on all streaming services, it will not be included that day (okay, sometimes it will). I only reluctantly include Spotify at all due to so many others intent on staying on that platform. No, Amazon Music will not be included.

You will see a new varied playlist each day, or, almost each day. What you see one day should not allow you to prejudge what will be included other days. I think you will be surprised by the variety. There will be themes some days, which will often be obvious, though some subtle. Some playlists may be quite long. Some playlists may be quite short.

If you like what you see, please feel to share the link for that day’s playlist. It is recommended to share the link to this website for that day’s playlist so that others will have options from which to listen to or add the playlist to their subscription service of choice.

There are no web trackers of any kind on The only reason I know how often the website is visited is through my host, Green Geeks (100% sustainable, “green” web hosting), which is standard. No additions have made to count traffic or do any mischief of any kind.

Editor’s note: I realize I don’t include record labels when I type out the information for music on my playlists and I always feel guilty about it, like I should, but I’m being realistic – the link the music is right there, the record label is easy enough to locate for those who keep up with what label produced what album. Also, it is just more to type, my website is obviously minimalist. I don’t want too much clutter for the casual, or regular, reader. Those who want to know the label will find out. Yes, record labels should be acknowledged, but I am attempting to be pragmatic, not lazy or dismissive.

If you are inclined to contribute to these daily playlist you may make a donation. All funds will go to new music only.